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The Truth Behind Very Low Price Dental Implants

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Dental implants are the best solution for restoring or replacing missing teeth. That’s a fact. What isn’t are these advertisements we’ve been seeing towering over our freeways talking about $399 dental implants. To us, there’s absolutely no way that this can even be possible! Our patients have been wondering the same thing as well. So, our team at Caring Smile Family Dentistry ar did a little research on $399 dental implants. We took our time reviewing the offices in question, their costs, equipment and quality of service. What we found out surprised us and we find it important we share our findings with you.

An Offer Too Good to Be True

Fact is, $399 is not the final cost to get a dental implant from these office. It’s not even the final cost of the dental implant itself. This is merely the cost of the implant post, one of three parts of a dental implant. There was absolutely no way $399 covered the cost of a complete dental implant (post, abutment and crown), laboratory fees, X-rays and a dentist’s time and service. That’s the reality of the whole situation. People that’re missing a tooth see this advertisement and don’t yet know of the truth. They walk in expecting to get a brand new tooth for a very cheap price. What isn’t obvious is the large difference between the advertised price and the total cost of getting a dental implant. When you factor in the additional costs of a dental implant at these practices, the total amount for a single dental implant can exceed well over $3000. Not what you were expecting was it?

Looking at the Quality of Dental Implants Used

The fact that these dental offices are advertising their dental implant services under false pretenses is worrisome. It’s wrong in many ways, as it’s tricking the consumer into thinking they can get a dental implant at a cheap price. It sets up the misconception that dental implants are expensive and out of the hands of the average worker who could benefit from one the most. Moreover, these dental practices aren’t even using the highest quality dental implant parts on the market. In nearly all cases, you want a titanium dental implant post. Why? Titanium has proven to bond to bone without an issue, making it the best material for stabilizing the jawbone and supporting a crown. When we did our research, it was clear these $399 dental implant centers weren’t going to give you the best for your money. These practices actually use the lowest of the low materials. The worst part is this, dental implants have a lifetime success rate of 98%. That’s a great statistic and could be even higher if it weren’t for the use of low quality materials. You’d think other factors like smoking and poor oral hygiene are the only reasons at fault, but low quality implant materials take the blame for a large number of implant failures. Basically, if you want a high quality dental implant you can be sure lasts you a lifetime, your first stop shouldn’t be a discount dental implant center.

Stay Away from Outsourced Work

The last major problem these $399 dental implant practices have to offer is the large amount of outsourced work involved. When you go in, they may give you the implant post. Great, then what? After a healing period of six months they’ll give you a card with a number and outsource you to a private dentist who can complete your dental implant procedure. However, this dentist has no liability to you and can charge you however much to finish the dental implant procedure, as you’re not going to walk around with just an implant post. The $399 implant center gets commission for each patient they refer to their network of private dentists, which is exactly how they make their money. No $399 dental implants for you.

Caring Smile Implants Makes It Easy

There’re no such thing as $399 dental implants. Affordable dental implants, on the other hand, are. Here at Caring Smile Family Dentistry, we make the entire dental implant process easy for you. Our prices are transparent, we provide a comfortable and friendly environment in and out of our practice in North Raleigh. Dr. Kim is the only dentist and she’ll treat you like a friend, not as another patient case. If you’re in need of a dental implant, get in touch with us today! Schedule your free consultation with us online or by phone at (919) 845-7788.

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